Rustic Ridge Ranch - B & B flushed our money down the drain


This B & B is a shabby hole and we made a big mistake by staying there a few months ago.Their rooms were dirty; there was so much dust behind the bed and the toilet didn't flush.

Even the sheets smelled unclean. We checked for bedbugs, ugh.

The hosts were rude and wouldn't provide a key so we could lock our door when we went out for the day. We had to eat out because we were still hungry after the skimpy breakfast they provided.

What a shame. There are so many more really outstanding B & B's out there.

Do yourselves a favor and stay away from this dump if you are heading towards Entwistle and Evansburg.The hotels would be a much better stay.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #792911

the interesting think is that nobody stayed at our place during 2013 and paid a bill of $ 175. We also have to undergo a yearly inspection from Alberta Health and Alberta B&B Association and both organisations praised in written our outstanding cleanliness. And people who hide their identity cannot been taken seriously.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada #738655

Horrible place. Very unfriendly owners and dogs that run wild over the property barking non stop.

Very Unfriendly, poor food, rude hosts at Rustic ridge ranch

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The people who run this bed and breakfast are german, rude, unfriendly.The food is por with small cheap portions.

Four ounces of juice and one egg per person plus four slices of cheese for breakfast and 1/4 cup of fruit. Beware bringing cash into to this place!!!! The people stefan and helga want to be paid in cash but claim they have no keys for the suites so you cannot lock your room or valuables safely. I have never stayed somewhere where the hosts are so rude and so unfriendly and you need permission for what time you can come home.

The place had filthy sheets and very dusty bedding.

Do not stay here!!!!!Horrible experience.

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Tofino, British Columbia, Canada #731149

Over priced meals ridiculously skimpy small servings this b and b is so cheap and sub standard. Toilet plugged the first time it was used!! Never felt so uncomfortable staying anywhere left and went to a real hotel.

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